Tools to counter disinformation

We reinforce the democratic antibodies already existing in our societies.

Information manipulation aims to disrupt the social cohesion and electoral processes that keep democratic societies together.

We believe that these societies already contain strong forces against disinformation campaigns,
but that these forces are currently too isolated to confront well-organised actors.
And thus that collaboration, cooperation and mutualisation are the key towards effective action.

Within the Office of the French Ambassador for Digital Affairs, our team develops open tools to make this alignment happen.

Our open experiments in countering information manipulation


Assess the legality of political ads

A crowdsourcing interface that allows citizens to view paid issue-based ads on Facebook and surface actors that do not respect the law.
Currently only available for France, our code is open-source and we would be happy to collaborate with you to expand to other countries. Send us an email!

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Improve your practices and toolset

An open and collaborative resource that documents best practices, tools and actors, allowing all of those who counter information manipulation to improve the competence of the entire ecosystem.



Identify clusters of bots on Twitter

A crawler that navigates Twitter follower relationships to identify clusters of suspicious accounts from a given seed account. It uses the free Twitter API and can thus be easily deployed.
Based on a manual annotation of over 400 accounts, we have also used that dataset to assess the reliability of usual bot detection tools such as Botometer.

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Collaboratively detect, qualify and react to disinformation campaigns

A real-time chat that gathers actors, supports all the best practices identified in our encyclopedia, and offers the best tools as chatbots.
If you are reading this, then we would probably like to have you on board. Send us an email!