Research case studies

Nyhetsvärderaren (The News Evaluator)

The Nyhetsvärderaren project is a Swedish research experiment started in 2017. One of its goal is to create a tool allowing people to evaluate the credibility of a news item.

Prior to the 2018 Swedish general election, researchers focused on political news appearing in youngsters’ news feed. They were helped by pupils in the collection and evaluation of news.

This allowed Nyhetsvärderaren to not only investigate the credibility of Swedish teenagers’ news feeds but also to receive users’ feedback as to their digital tools for evaluating news feeds.

Moreover, they obtained results regarding both teenagers and adults digital source critical skills. Notably, they identified the role of some variables (attitudes, background, age…) to better assess and develop digital source awareness.

This citizen science project was developed by researchers at Uppsala University, in collaboration with the Vetenskap & Allmänhet non-profit and the research collective RISE. It is co-funded by the Vinnova innovation agency.

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